Riol & Baca Consultores S.A. de C.V.

We are an organization created to give support to private companies and public segment institutions, making our task to consolidate their values steadily and thus help them achieve their mission and objectives.


At Riol and Baca, we have been providing consulting services to companies and government institutions, among others, in order to meet their representation and outreach needs with the most advanced marketing strategies available.


In this document you will find information about our consulting services and experience and the proposals we present. We invite you to learn more about our organization and how we can work together to meet the strategic projects for your company or institution.

Why choose R&B consultants?

We are leaders in strategic management, having developed more than 300 strategic plans for key companies and government institutions in and outside the country.


Riol & Baca have years of experience providing consulting services tailored to the needs of each company and institution.

R & B has a team of consultants in various fields of engagement with extensive experience and strong academic background.


We develop our consulting services closely with our customers, ensuring their proper implementation and seeking the lowest risks costs to deliver a successful mission.


R & B Consultants provides services to companies and institutions from different countries in North and South America, and Europe.

Our purpose

R&B Consultants provides solutions to problems of strategic and operational management that companies may face, through training, implementation and consulting. Our purpose is to help organizations improve their performance and increase their potential for creating value.


We are an organization that provides opportunities for the professional development of their staff, and fosters a work environment that encourages innovation and creativity as the main focus of our intervention.

·Communication strategies design.

·Graphic design, electronic and printed media strategies.

·Political and social media campaigns.

·Public relations.

·Engagement of national media and international communication.

·Positioning advertising strategies.

·Media campaigns through the use of new technologies.

·Registration control and measurement of content and traffic flows on the network and handling of media trends.

·Target Network Positioning, mobile, and traditional media.

·Staffing print and electronic media.

·Arranging events, such as seminars, conferences and mass media events in general.

·Advice on purchasing of advertisement, articles and propaganda.

·Printed content.




Applied research

We develop consulting services that seek to support our customers in the process of implementing strategic change and contribute to the creation of economic value in their organization.

We develop certification courses, seminars, workshops and customized programs, which actively contribute to the development and strengthening of the skills of the professionals working in different institutions, with the aim of enhancing the capacity of generating prime value to the organization.

We conduct studies in the financial side and management that are focused on improving the capabilities and performance of our customers. We present solutions to the main problems identified in the consulting and training jobs.

Lines of consultancy

In R & B Consultants we have designed our service lines from the close study of businesses facing strategic challenges, offering a range of innovative and quality products to support managers.


The services offered by R & B CONSULTANTS are structured in 6 lines:


Strategic management.

Organizational design.

Performance management.

Corporate social responsibility.

Comprehensive management of security risks.

Project management.



R & B Consultants has extensive experience in developing political campaigns and implementing the strategies needed to position a confident image of a political actor to the public, in our experience, the most important formula is to present the achievements and trajectory of our customer to create the most compelling impression.


We have committed allies with extensive teamwork experience, where the results are clear and speak for themselves.


Your success is our goal.


We have extensive experience and strategic planning in print and electronic media to help to position your idea in the minds of the audience.


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